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Quick Tooling-

In Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) objects are created by sequential sintering loose metal powder particles by means of laser technology which is similar to SLS. Direct Metal Laser Sintering involves the direct processing of metal powders in a laser sintering machine. A thin layer of metallic powder is spread over a building platform and locally sintered by a laser beam, controlled by a computer which reads the shape data from a CAD system. Layer by layer the three-dimensional geometry is reconstructed in every detail, enabling even highly complex parts and tools to be built up quickly and fully automatically. Typically, the machine is used for the production of tool inserts, but it is also possible to produce metal components.

Quick Tooling Technology can made a small batch production tooling in 10 - 14 days!!

Quick Tooling
Production made by Quick Tooling


Rapid Prototyping-

According to customers' design or requirements, we provide Rapid Prototyping (RP) service by using SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) and VC (Vacuum Casting) in shortest time. RP can provide prototypes for design verification and functional testes. It can also build up patterns for casting and Rapid Tooling (RT), pre-producion tooling and parts for manufacturing aids.


It is time and cost saving to avoid any misunderstanding and mistake on production design process, which makes you have a more effective on communication with your clients.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Vacuum Casting

SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) is using a 3D CAD design to produce a solid prototype model. It is time and cost saving to avoid any misunderstanding and mistakes on product design process.

3D CAD model
SLA Prototypes

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