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Computer Aided Project Planning (CAPP) -

Our CAPP consultancy is dedicated on helping manufacturer to develop workshop information system in order to bridge the information gap existed in the distributive located manufacturer.

We help customer to tailor-make their own MRP system based on their workshop culture. The customization services include developing system to capture the information of various manufacturing resources.

For managing a components warehouse, inventory control is developed to maintain the inventory policy. Information such as components/products stock level, safety level and order level, are kept in the system. Daily components In-Out activities can be controlled through the system. To implement a corresponding inventory control policy in a workshop, consulting services will be provided together with the system.

For tracing the status of job, monitoring system is developed to update the status of job. These information included status of components from external vendors, status of parts to be made, schedules, status and utilization of the machines. Similarly, corresponding process control policy can be established via our consulting services.

The above mentioned information can be easily inquired via internet interface. Customer can thus be benefited from the flexibility of working hour, independent of working location and enjoy the mobile management. With the tight linking of our CAD/CAM customization service, the resources planning can be earlier realized at design period and the production planning can be carried out smoothly.