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CAD/CAM Integration, Computer Aided Project Planning to Rapid Tooling

New World CAD/CAM delivers the complete solution for the entire product development cycle from early design stage to production planning.


Rapid Prototyping Solutions offers instantaneous realization of the product design for verification and therefore enhances the product quality and bridges the communication between designer and manufacturer.

CAD Customization tailors the platform of custom product design to ensure the design consistency and shorter design time.

CAM Customization optimizes the machining parameters ensuring the efficient and quality of the manufacturing processes.

Computer Aided Process Planning well-organize the entire product development cycle by gathering every single information of the product design and manufacturing processes enabling accuracy capacity estimation and therefore optimize the production schedule for on-time delivery.

In the design and manufacturing industry today, there is much greater awareness than ever before for the need of design automation. This has occurred as a result of 3D CAD/CAM technology being widely used, and creates tremendous opportunities for application software developers to enter this market.